Handmade Happiness Pt.1

This is a weekly feature we’ll be doing every Thursday – Handmade Happiness. Here are some of my favorite handmade finds from Etsy. If you haven’t discovered Etsy yet, you really should check it out. It’s the best place to find special, unique buys and custom gifts. I am totally in love. In fact, I’ve purchased two of these items in the last six months as gifts. I bought the peach mug from Kinship Press as a wedding shower gift (personalized with her new last name and wedding date!) and the ruler flask from The Hair of the Dog for my darling husband (he loves it!). The Copenhagen Print from Anna See and Chevron Clutch from AllissaJacobs are on my “must-have” wishlist. I’m sure I’ll break down soon and make them mine. Happy shopping!

One thought on “Handmade Happiness Pt.1

  1. many thanks for this lovely feature! what gorgeous finds, I’m honored to be included in such a happy bunch. And your jewelry is a knockout!

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