Handmade Happiness, Pt. 6

Top to bottom: Mommy Necklace by FrejaToys. Our office baby, Lusiana (we call her Lu!), playing with the Mommy Necklace. Crochet Fish by My Crochet Shop.

Oh, Baby!

It’s no secret that we absolutely *love* handmade items around here. But did you know that even our office baby, Lusiana, enjoys them, too? (She’s cute, right? Yea, I feel sad that you don’t get to have an office baby, too.) This mommy necklace from FrejaToys is fun, purposeful, and our favorite thing: colorful! And, don’t you just love the crochet fish? Adorable.

Happy Thursday!
-Ina and Laura (and Baby Lu!)

P.S. – Hey, we just did a photo shoot for Kluster! Head on over to the photographer’s blog to see the pics taken by Whitney Neal Photo.

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