Fourth of July: Fashion Edition

Fourth of July: Fashion Edition

Here is our tribute to Fourth of July and all things red, white, & blue. Hopefully you’re Wednesday will be filled with family, friends, and fireworks…I know mine will be! In case you haven’t found the perfect way to accessorize your 4th of July outfit, here’s some of our favorite fashion finds. If it’s still in the shop come next week, I’ll be sporting that Kluster OOAK Fourth of July necklace to our annual family party!

Happy Holiday!
-Laura & Ina

Fashion Finds (clockwise from top left): 1. Blue Stripe Tie by Tie Obsessed. 2. Sailor Bag by Less Filling. 3. Sailor Doll Buttons by LiD Designs. 4. Fourth of July Coral Necklace by Kluster. 5. Sailor Diaper Bag by Tulip Bag. 6. Striped Shoe Clips by Adg La Mode. 7. Nautical Rope Bracelet by Pardes.



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