Friday Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Friday Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes (at the Kluster office!)

In last week’s post, Thursday Cupcakes, we promised you a behind-the-scenes look at our photo shoot for the local paper. Well, here you go! Last Friday, our local paper sent a photographer to my home/office/design studio (yes, our house is getting smaller by the minute) to document my personal “style”.  Here’s how it all went down…

The lovely Jaclyn Journey came over ahead of time to help whip our office and design space into shape. I swear, she makes everything more gorgeous. I seriously wish I could have her with me 24/7! Here are a few photos we snapped of the spaces, post mini-makeover. I’m sure the professional photos will be MUCH better. Frankie, our photographer, was a home run – and I think he might even be able to help us with a new website project I’ve been working on. Hooray for unexpected new friends!

I’ll link you when the real article comes out…woot!

Happy Monday!
-Laura and the Kluster team

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