Show Us Your Kluster Pt. 2

Show Us Your Kluster is a series where we feature photos of you wearing your Kluster accessories all around the world.  Today’s submission is from Jill Bath. She is wearing her bright white sponge coral necklace right here in sunny Louisville, KY, USA. Here are five things that put a smile on Jill’s face.

Things That Make Jill Happy:
1. Jesus’ Joy
2. Dates with my husband, Ron
3. Brainstorming, creating and shopping with my daughter, Ina
4. Grandella Art  (Painting with granddaughter,  Ella) and sharing smiles with Baby Lu (my other granddaughter)
5. Sitting on my front porch swing in the early mornings, sipping coffee and listening to the neighborhood wake up

To be featured, send us a photo of you wearing your Kluster jewelry and a list of five (5) things that make you happy (don’t think too hard, this part is easy). We’ll choose our favorite submissions and feature you on Kluster Blog!

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