#klustered kinda weekend

Happy Saturday, lovelies!

We’ve been teaming up with Lucky Magazine’s Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Conference this week to bring you all sorts of #klustered goodness. Just in case you’re new to the blog, we encourage you to tag us with #klustered whenever you wear your Kluster jewels out & about. We love seeing how you style your jewels, and we have SO MUCH FUN sharing your looks on our Instagram and on the website. Here are a few of our favorite images from this week. Get all the details on these looks over at Kacie’s Kloset & Cashmere Kangaroo!

Kluster Rockstar Bracelet on Kacie's Kloset

above: Kacie at Kacie’s Kloset wears our most popular Rockstar Bracelet.

Kluster Spotted Leopard Necklace with J.Crew Dress

above: Alexandra at Cashmere Kangaroo wears our Mother’s Day fave, the Petite Spotted Leopard Necklace.

Happy weekend, friends!

-Laura & the Kluster Shop team
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